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Affiliate Management

Our team of experienced affiliate marketing professionals will work with you to create and implement an effective affiliate marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or have an existing program that needs improvement, we’re here to help.

Learn more about what we offer, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your affiliate marketing needs further.

Setting Up The Affiliate Programme.

Suitable for brands with NO affiliate presence.

Affiliate Technology.

Project manage the whole process of integrating the affiliate software with the operator backend. We are completely technology agnostic and can work with any vendor that you select. Arrange demo calls with vendors creating a comparison table. Negotiate rates on your behalf if needed.

Commission Structure.

Create the default affiliate programme commission structure in line with product margins and other expenses. Ensure commission structure is market competitive. Create bespoke commission structures (deals) within the affiliate platform.

Programme Terms & Conditions.​

Draft a set of terms and conditions for the affiliate programme based on the brand's business strategy. Include sensitive terms in order to enhance programme transparency.

Affiliate Processes.

Structure the affiliate processes needed. Create a rigorous and compliant approval process. Define the process between promotional/creatives teams and affiliate team. Streamline the payment process for affiliates.

(can be done at a later date).

If needed, to hire and train staff thus being ready to run the affiliate programme in house.

Reaching Out To Partners.

Suitable for brands that need help with affiliate outreach.

Our team can provide the expertise and resources needed to effectively engage with potential partners and establish successful collaborations.

Publisher Affiliate Recuitment.

Sourcing affiliates based on their traffic (GEO, content, etc). Opening you up to our affiliate database.

Rate Negotiation.

Negotiating all deals and rates on your behalf. Leverage on power of multiple brands.

Onboarding onto the programme.

Registering the affiliates on the platform and ensuring that they are activated.

Managing Your Partners.

Suitable for brands that have no experience in affiliate marketing.
We basically act as your in house affiliate team, taking care of all affiliate requests and comms.

Affiliate Management.

Managing the relationship and daily communications with affiliates. Create monthly communications (newsletters).


Re-evaluate deals, renegotiate or terminate, general campaign optimisation.


Create performance reports based on brand KPIs.


Create payment reports. Follow the payment process defined and ensure that affiliates are paid accordingly.

* All affiliate deals and invoices are signed off from the brand. The deal negotiated and approved by the brand is the final deal. All payments are paid by the brand. This ensures transparency.

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